We are a team of event photographers that started out as portrait and wedding photographers.  When I moved to Atlanta a few short years ago, I began to partner with many of Atlanta's best wedding and event photographers through these partnerships we have become an amazing team of not just fellow photographers but friends! 

Having a team gives us the benefit to spread our workload, work shifts on long corporate gigs and continue to keep up with technology and the latest trends.


Partnering up with Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau ( Atlanta.net ) and Orlando Convention and Visitors Bureau ( visitorlando.com ) we have been the go to team in Atlanta and Central Florida!


Our typical week consists of head shots, gala events, award ceremonies, conventions, and corporate meetings.

Fun Fact:

We really don't have a limit, from roof top fundraisers to top sales incentive trips to Hawaii and Annual Conventions in Las Vegas. We don't know where the next job will take us!

Whether it's a corporate event's photo booth or a wedding, our team is hired time and time again because we provide an experience!


There's nothing more rewarding than cutting up with a corporate executive at his retirement party, or experiencing the emotion and love of many young couples on their special day. These experiences go both ways, and it is always a pleasure to be part of it!

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about our team.  We'd love to hear what brought you to our page. Click the quick request button at the bottom to shoot us a message!