Honor Flight Central Florida's Hot Rods for Heroes 2018 @ Ace Cafe Orlando

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 Every Once in a While I take on a personal lil project for the fun of it.....


I decided to take "the Mistress" to her first car show to go hang out with some of the ol' Gals, and so I can go hang out with the boys. it was  a gorgeous day! the car show was being put on by the Honor Flight of Central Florida. I hadn't heard about the organization until the day before when I got a "things to do" email. Being that the weather was supposed to be great, and that I have never actually taken My old girl to a car show. it was time to shine up her shoes!

After getting to chatting with a few of the veterans and what this organization does, they fly Veterans to our Nations Capital! there are chapters all over the US. who are all volunteers and do this on the side.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try to throw them a shout out and let them know how much I appreciated being there.

As an event Photographer I provide my clients with on location photos for social media in 2018 Every one is sharing stuff On the spot you know. so since I wasn't working and I had a lil time I wanted to see if I can shoot, edit and upload a video while I was still there. I didn't want to do the typical "car show" Video walking past a half dozen cars past random conversations so... 30 Minutes later: 


Honor Flight Of Central Florida Car show Ace Cafe Orlandoa quick on-location video montage and edit We did on location at the car show for Social Media. JKlein Photography

I shared it to Social Media Ace Cafe Picked up on it, Shared it and shot me a private message!

It was actually my first time there and was pretty impressed. I had their Healthy Salad but will definitely be going back for one of those burgers!

Honor Flight was pretty impressed and asked me if they can use the video. of course I was honored to give it to them.

they don't yet have a date for next year but to find out more information about the organization visit honorflightcentralflorida.org 

I asked them for a few fun facts about the Event  and this is what they had to say:

133 cars total

Orange County Fire Rescue and Orlando Fire Department worked together to hoist our flag.

We had VIP veterans in attendance who have all been on one of our flights.

We had a flight orientation Saturday for our first flight mission of 2018 which will go to DC this Saturday. All WWII and Korea veterans will be on board this mission.