ACVB Connect @ Hotel Clermont

May 17, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

When I told people I was going to a Networking Event at Hotel Clermont it was often met with the question... "what kinda networking event is this? ....fold of Atlanta, you know why. 

It's always a pleasure getting to connect with industry professionals outside of work,  as we moved our office to Orlando, Atlanta is still our second home.

It was great catching up and seeing how local industry professionals are finding their place in this diverse market.  When we do work together we often have so much going on Especially with Destination Management folks and event planners, we don't often get to hang out and not have a million things on our minds.  

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As a Sponsor of Atlanta Convention and Visitors bureau for many years now, It is a hard one to miss out on, ACVB has been a piller to our business growth and working these connect events has a special place in my heart where I started my business 10 years Ago. So I like to Flex a lil Creative muscle every once in a while. check out the Video I put together!

Hotel Clermont ACVB Connect


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