Macna 2019

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Last week The Swan and Dolphin Convention Center Hosted The 2019 MACNA show "Celebrating Aquaculture"

MACNA, is the longest running Marine Aquarium conference in the world. Promoting the ethical growth of the marine aquarium hobby, supporting captive breeding/propagation efforts, and ensuring a sustainable future for the marine environment are at the core of MASNA®’s goals.


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Many of the MACNA® 2019 presentations and workshops will be centered around celebrating aquaculture.  

Almost everyone has had some type of aquarium at some point; either a Betta fish, or a 10 gallon fresh water tank.  It's truly amazing to be able to have and sustain an eco-system outside it's normal environment, and the display is spectacular!

Honestly, I've never seen anything capture so many grown men's attention that wasn't sports-related, but can you blame them? As it was explained to me, the hobby has come a long way from yanking something out of the ocean and hoping to keep it alive. Many of the major players in the hobby were in attendance showing off their latest innovations, combining technology and natural processes of biological science to keep systems sustainable. The real crowd-pleaser was the coral! Many types of coral are now being aquacultured so that the natural reefs aren't being striped of their resources for the purpose of having an aquarium.  Interestingly enough, they have figured out how to propagate and restore reefs with the techniques used by people that have their own aquatic environments! If you want to know more about Aquacultured Fish, here's a great article: Breeding Tangs

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As I was walking around asking questions, someone jokingly pointed out maybe I should ask Ryan! and pointed out a guy answering questions on the showroom floor. he seemed kinda fan boying about Ryan....

apparently Ryan has Online educational videos through Bulk Reef Supply, through different sponsors and donations from other industry leaders runs experiments and testing to help promote safe and successful aquariumist. 

10 Minutes later you couldn't miss the commotion on the Showroom floor as Ryan in handing out raffle prizes.



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The Best part of having events/conventions or Expos that are family oriented in orlando Is being able to piggy back a couple local parks with a Conventionthe whole family can enjoy, like Bandon from Canada was explaining he did.