6 favorite Tchotchke (promotional products) from Conventions & Networking Events.

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Everyone loves free stuff...

 Alright, alright, I know,  nothing is free.  

...promotional items arent'  all that cheap,

...set up fees, order minimums, It all adds up quick,

and someone’s paying for it!

      So, you have the opportunity to promote your new business at an expo or convention.  

You'd love to talk to all X,000 Attendees but realistically the sometimes the only contact you'll have is something on your table they feel inclined to take away.  the point of the promotional Item is that they keep it passed just a couple days. 

here's a list of my 6 favorite tchotchke's (bang for your buck) that I see all guests love.

...First on the List and what got me to Write this post. 

Grocery bags reusable Grocery Bags, Promotional Items

did you guess it? 

1) Reusable Bags!  I think this is mandatory for conventions or large expo's!

At the expo, it's a great way for people to have a place to keep all their other promotional material in.

 you can find reusable bags for about buck a piece, I make sure they are of some kind of fabric/canvas with strong sewn handles. Depending on your budget you can get them just standard bags, or Some come with "cooler padding" and Zippers!  With the push to start using reusable bags vs the grocery bags, I've started using the ones I get form conventions for Groceries. 

I know... I'm guilty of it too. you always leave the damn bags in the car! worse off you've got them piled in the Pantry at home. More often than not I've had to get everything on the conveyer belt and sprint back out to the car to get my bags from the trunk(I'm that guy.) I'm trying to make a more conscience effort to bring them to the grocery store as well, but none the less I think a winner in the Tchotchke category. 


Grocery bags reusable Grocery Bags, Promotional Items

2) Key chains! .... It's one of those things if done right will warrant keeps. especially if it's a combo keychain, like with a mirror, if you are a hair/makeup artist. A keychain/pen combo is gold! you always need a pen when you don't have one.  It's on my list to order! 

a whistle key chain if you are promoting sports, or something for children. As the father of a 3 or 7 year olds they have an obsession for keychains and whistles...  

3) Flashlights.... Flashlights is one of those you don't really think of but Everyone keeps one around in their drawer. or purse or car. it's  it's good to know you have it. and it seems you always know where one of them are.  I really like the lil Keychain Flashlight combo 

4) Cell phone chargers/ Accessories. there's a million different cell phone accessories you can get as promotional items. I found that a lot of people love the different kinds of grips, such as "pop sockets" and I worked an event where they had something called "love handles" I threw them a link cause those guys where class act @ the Social shake up. it's a pretty cool lil grip you stick to the back of your phone,  very low profile so it doesn't get caught up in your pockets.

If you have a bigger budget, I absolutely Love the Cell phone battery bricks (emergency chargers), they've got all kinds of sizes but it’s one of those things once you start using it you can't live without!  I also love these multi-USB cables! They are fantastic as it can eliminate the hunt for different cables! This one I pulled out of my Camera bag. 


Promotional Items Event photographyCell phone charging Accessories Top Promotional Items Guests Love: Cell phone Charing Accessories, Battery bank, Charging Cable accessories.


5) Reusable Water bottles! with the push for reusable it's very common to see people carry around a water bottle now days, and at my kidsschool it is mandatory! So, we have a half dozen water bottles for each of my girls we switch out every week, and I'd lie if I didn't say at least half of them were promotional items from different conventions and events.

Lastly my absolute favorite and the one I bought 1000 of ....

6) Pens and Notepads....   Pen and PadPen and Notepad Promotional Items Jklein Photography Pen and Notepad Promotional Items.

       It's got to be a crime for someone to throw away a Blank notepad, I keep them around till I use them up! and the kids love to grab them to doodle. the trick is to get it in the hands of your target market! 

Now don't just hand them a notepad and pen, the Pro Tip is to get them to write down the information you want them to retain! While at events, I am talking to potential clients they all have something coming up that might need a photographer for.  I take notes and write down ballpark dates so I can follow up, so I pull out my pad out and take notes! as you want them to remember things, Services offered, brainstorming Ideas that'll make their event epic, etc... I give them a notepad, and pen and have them write down what I am telling them.

Disclaimer: I'm no Doctor or Scientist .... but I've sat through enough self-help presentations and motivational speakers to know that writing something down, is a second level way to remember things, and then they will keep the notepad to refer to later on. 

 Notepad Design tips: Don't make it too busy, avoid all the templets graphic designs.  a logo and contact leaves plenty of Jotting "real-estate" to be warranted a keeper notepad. 

this is great if you are in insurance, real estate, Florist, Bail Bondsman or any type of business there is no immediate need all the time but when a need comes up a way to be remembered.


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