Holiday Event Tips you won't want to miss!

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As we start to get requests from some of our repeat clients for their holiday events, I started to reminisce about all the past events and what created a wow factor.   I wanted to share some of the things I've noticed that get a lot of attention and in my opinion make holiday events successful.  

We had the pleasure of producing this video with The Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta who we’ve worked with for the past few years.  They continue to step it up, every year!


Outlette Shoppes of Atlanta Christmas

1) Variety is the spice of life

Holiday parties always sound fun, but they can be stale if there isn’t much variety; what we mean is, throw in some entertainment and activities that invites all your attendees to have fun. Something interactive like our customizable photo booth can make the difference between “standing by the punch bowl” and having fun with familiar faces.  If you think your crowd is a bit more reserved, try having some performers that interact, but allow for an extra layer of entertainment.  

If you're throwing a family event, have some craft stations where everyone can gather and make something fun, even if it's just s’mores (who doesn't love s’mores!).  Adults need attention at these events too, so you can also include more adult activities like trivia, or magicians, or musicians. 


2) Activities to disperse the crowd  

It’s best to think about spreading the activities across your usable space.  For instance, have the DJ and photo booths across the room from each other, and then the food/drinks a distance from those areas.  To take it a step further you can have pop-up activities, trivia, or performers that can be moved pretty easily to different areas of the venue to maximize the flow of the crowd.  Using space to spread the volume of people throughout the room creates a better atmosphere for your guests to want to stay and have fun. 


3) Don't forget the exit strategy! 

To maximize you budget, if you have multiple spaces (cocktail hour in one space, and dinner in another), a great way to add a wow factor would be to transform the cocktail room for dessert and add different entertainment, lighting etc., to segue into a grand exit to your event!  

Even just adding a bubble machine after the last song or at the exit will leave your guests with something to talk about.  Adding a finishing touch is how some of our favorite event planners get their guests to stay to the very end!  

Try it out and see what your guests think. 


IMG_3876Exit Confetti canon


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