Yes we work with non profit organizations.

June 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Asbury Harris Epworth Towers contacted us about wanting to provide their residents with a little something special. After months of these residents  dealing with a renovations for a fitness center, the Day had Finally come! It was their Grand opening and they wanted to have event coverage and a step and repeat banner for a semi red carpet moment to provide their  Staff and residents with a little fun experience.


We understand the sensitive nature of non-profits and budgets, and are always glad to help. good thing they called us when they did! They were still working out the finances and realized their vinyl step and repeat banner was going to cost them half the budget!!!! without any photography services! we were able to adjust our pricing and service to provide our client with everything they wanted! instead of having a vinyl step and repeat banner printed (in 90% of cases these banners only get used once)  We were able to provide their residents with studio quality on location prints as well as experience the sorcery and fun of green screen technology. It turned out to be a hit!





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