PCMA Southeast Chapter Satellite Educational Event at Orange County Convention Center

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IMG_1961-1OCCC Orange County Convention Center Orlando Fl.

Last week PCMA Southeast chapter had their second meeting In the Orlando,  which I had the pleasure to be invited to attend.  As a soon to be returning resident I was intrigued by the subject matter of the educational event "Being Prepared in Times of Uncertainty: Key Issues in Security and Attendee Safety"  with so much attention to national security and Orange County Convention Centers being one of the largest convention spaces in the Country, I was happy to be able to sit in on these types of meetings.

On first note I've been to the Convention center 1000x as a guest to different conventions as well as for work. I have always noticed the heavy security presence in the crowds, police on subways, as well as security and police moving cars along the drop of locations. one thing I've never noticed (till the day I am going in for a security meeting,) there are emergency call boxes every so often around the convention center. 




 If you've never heard of PCMA it stands for "Professional Convention Management Association" if you are in convention services or a meeting planner, I know there are a million different "networking Organizations" the reason I like PCMA is they are focused on education in the different fields of Event Services. 

Yes there is plenty of networking:


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and some amazing Food!


IMG_1536IMG_1536 IMG_1549IMG_1549 IMG_1560IMG_1560 IMG_1469IMG_1469


While on the subject of food, In September of 2016, OCCC as part of their Capital Improvement Plan has completed their "center to table Gardens" which takes advantage of their massive windows to grow Hydroponic herbs and Vegetables. We had the pleasure of enjoying some of those with our meal. 


On to the serious stuff.... With the Orlando tragedy last year, and all the different things that go on around conventions, how do you keep your attendees Safe? how do you keep control? these are serious questions that are starting to come up a lot more often to Event planners. are they taking the proper precautions to protect you while attending an event?  We had a Discussion panel which involved lots of questions and answers. you will be blown away by the un-noticed behind the scenes safety and secuity measures. 


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As you can see, there was plenty of questions and answers as well as great tips and information for Event planners as well as service providers. 

To find out more about PCMA you can click here

See you at the next event!