10 Reasons I started my blog, and so should you .....Bonus, and why start one NOW!

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As a Photographer I am "supposed" to maintain a blog,  after seeing so many blogs, basically saying "look at me," "look what I did,"yay yay yay me. I couldn't bring myself to do that ( and I even tried to do it,) I just couldn't do it. Not saying there's anything wrong with it, and yes I would like to share my work. As an artist the best reward is when someone else gets it, and enjoys it!   Since I started working on my own, I know I needed to but didn't like the idea till it all started making sense. which brings us to #10

#10 Universal Social Media:   with the death of my space, (and now somewhat of a Resurrection...ish), Facebook changing their logarithms, and trying to profit of EVERYONE, and all the other social media sites that are in and out from one day to the next. and the ever growing internet, and apps which make it easier to share links and post to multiple social media sites.  It's an easy way for people to find stuff through your blog vs trying to follow all your different social media feeds. which brings us to #8

#9 People can keep up on what you're doing and share cool stuff.  everybody wants to share  and see cool stuff! It's what the internet is all about, same way you watch one cat video on YouTube, and get stuck watching 30. without having your friend post 30 cat videos in a row (which is grounds for instant unfollow in my book.)  Via your blog you can share a lot of information on 1 site without bogging down or blasting cool stuff and ruining friendships. and by cool stuff I mean, religious views, opinions,  political views,  different movements, etc.  by writing it within a blog, you can post your view on a post in social media, and those only who are interested in that view, opinion, or idea can read on  without force feeding it to your entire Social media feed.

#8 Share anything! no matter how crazy it sounds. In my 30+ years living on this planet and being and doing the things I've been through, I can guarantee you the way you feel,  there is someone else out there that feels the same way, or at least finds it interesting. Using a blog allows Google searches to find and share your view. unfortunately it also opens the doors to Internet Trolls who are always Happy to piss on your parade, and try to spread  there view. the beauty of your blog is you're in control

#7 You're in Control   you'll never realize how much of a control freak you are till you start a blog.  One of the only things I really like about Facebook anymore are the Groups. I am a member of many of the Photography groups one of the issues I find is they all have their stupid rules.  what can be posted, what is not tolerated. blah blah blah. I am one of those rules were made to be broken kinda guys. with  a blog you can control who can contract you, comments can be removed, you can even have a way so no one can contact you and best of all if you're some kinda freak you can share your views completely anonymously! If you have always lived a live of "no one gets me," start a blog, you will meet more people who share your views.

#6 Google!  I Don't know how anybody lived without it! from directions to the middle of nowhere to finding long lost loved toys like ninja turtles and glow worms. you can find anything.   I have learned to braid my daughters hair. FIxed our Dryer, Dishwasher, and Refrigerator all with the help of Google. Anything you post can no work it's way into that equation. anything on your blog will  now become searchable via Google.

#5, You meet New People!!! Being raised and Living in Big cities all my life I had never had a problem meeting new people I now live in a town that has as many residents as I had students in my high school,  (5000) talk about small town. As a happily married man, and father of a toddler, I don't find the need nor seek the attention that comes from a night club or  Bar. don't get me wrong I enjoy a night at the bar with my wife and friends, but the chances of me meeting someone cool to hang out with that shares the same crazy quirks as I do, are a slim to none.  Via Blogs people looking for something you are interested in are going to find your page, and you will meet people from all over the world! It is Amazing how technology has made this world a smaller place. it's your responsibilty to not be left out.

#4 Blog Everything you are interested in. A blog is a way great way  to for anyone with something interesting or valuable to say to be identified as an expert. you'll never realize how much you know till you realize how little everyone else doesn't. What I found surprising is how much  I have learned by teaching other what I know,  and how much I have been taking for granted what I do know.

#3 Learning opportunity: I am Using my Blog as a Learning opportunity as much as a teaching/ sharing opportunity.  One thing I Hope to learn is to stop throwing capitals into obscure sentences. Blogging forces you to teach yourself what you don't know and what you are doing wrong. also helps  to articulate what you do know. When you begin writing a blog post, you are forced to organize your thoughts. Organization has never been one of my strong suites but by starting my blog I have reserved a space in my schedule for blogging which has not only helped my organize my thoughts but also organize my schedule. and keep accountability.

#2 Tell your story  I have met a lot of people from all over the world. we don't always talk on the phone, or send text and when We do, I probably end up talking too much. I have now set this time aside to write about all the things I have archived  from recipes, life hacks,  tricks of the trade I have picked up along the way,  I will try to make it interesting! as part of our team of photographers we have done some pretty cools stuff from working some of the largest venues and running around the backstages to hanging off the side of buildings photographing people repelling for a charity. we do have some pretty cool things to share!

#1 Grow You I have touched on this a few times through the blog, but the #1 reason, is somewhat of a selfish one. I want to grow me! I have a thirst for knowledge and learning, by Blogging, and setting time aside to do so I have put a trellis in place for me to grow me. it is a foundation of things that interest me,  and as I write and share the things i have learned I know I will gain the support and help of others who have either been there, are on the Journey with me! I always consider myself a work in progress. as you can see by my grammar mistakes I also hope to learn proper english.

Bonus!  ...It will Not happen by itself, or overnight. This is here for me as much as it is for you.  I have been putting off starting my blog for 5 years. it's started with I don't even know what to write? will anybody find it intersting? will anybody even find it?  and so many more thoughts on why not start a blog ran through my head then why start one. till I met Zack Arias one of our local Atlanta portrait/ Street Photographers. I met him through a meet up group I crashed (cause I knew he will be there.) he was there to talk about blogging.  as one of his followers myself I would always see how he has many thousands of followers. 2 things that I took from meeting Z man was 1, it's like a tree. It does not happen overnight, you have to feed the dang thing. post every so often, post interesting content, my first few blogs never got any attention beyond my friends and family either being supportive or thinking I'm nuts. but eventually had blossomed into Awesome opportunities and meeting Great people! the second thing he stressed was produce more signal, less noise.  thank god radios are still around if not this will totally date me. but you know those stations. that are hazy  and just a lot of noise. people are looking for signal. by producing quality content.  personal experiences, interesting knowledge. you will attract people who are interested into those things, and your station will become clearer.  more people will come around to see what you're up to, and you will build an awesome audience who will help you grow!

I hope you found this post helpful  and Happy Blogging!


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