Color & Glow Run 2014

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having photographed many 5K runs and marathon events  I was pretty excited when Color & Glow called me to cover their event in Atlanta.  Usually 5K's are early morning and end around mid Day when the weather is sun is burning up then I end up taking a "nap" for the rest of the day.  Well Color and Glow run is like no other.  it was an evening Run which ended with a huge Party.  It's not a Competitive or obstacle course and was open to all ages!

So what's so Great about the Color and Glow run Compared to all the others?

At first I was  a little concerned having read many horror blogs of people's gear getting destroyed by the fine particles of paint from other color runs. After speaking with event organizers I was assured they use a liquid Paint. so yes, you can take selfies along the way without destroying your phone, It starts with a stage performance Dj and paint, and glow giveaways. you get your shirt and as the Sun comes down it's time to make you glow!!!!

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Of course there is those competitive types who came to Run, and beat their best time....  this is one of those events that is easy to get distracted  with so much paint, and surprise paint stops and Glow lights it's too cool not to stop and take a selfie



the cool thing is they have Black light station through the course as well as surprise spray stations. it all ends with a Dj,........and you guessed it more paint!  IMG_1362IMG_2063 IMG_1215 IMG_1223 IMG_1230 IMG_1717 IMG_2012 IMG_1905 IMG_1572 IMG_1490 IMG_1626   IMG_2117

Color and Glow does have a track of about 15 more stops this year, check out the Color and Glow Run facebook page for the stop closest to you.


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