Behind the scenes of one of the great acts of Congressman John Lewis 75th Birthday Gala

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I can't say it enough, It was an honor to  be asked to provide our photo booth services for Congressman John Lewis 75th Birthday.  (Link: John Lewis 75th Birthday Photo booth.) As a relatively new resident  to the Atlanta area I always to try get involved with the local community. beyond just the buy local, and eat local. we do work a lot with the local Charities, Events and Venues. but It's an honor to be asked to work with a local  hero!


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While preparing for that Event we met with a group of college students dressed In really neat "throwback" attire, it turns out they where performing "Which Side Are You On: SNCC Ensemble"  As an artist sometimes you just get a drive to express your talent and it was awesome to have another set of talented artist to work with; Not to mention we are at the Tabernacle a historic concert hall in the heart of Atlanta which hosts a lot of the big acts in music and comedy which come to Atlanta. Having cameras in hand and a little time to kill Joshua,  one of our Lead photographers did one of our  famous rouge photo sessions.



after such an awesome performance we started to speak with these Students. Speaking with them I saw how they had the universal tool across any art form which is passion. I wanted to know how being so young they got selected to perform along side some of the local celebrities such as Tichina Arnold, Dionne Warwick, the Indigo Girls and Clark King from the Voice; and this is what they had to say: We had a phenomenal time preparing for this Gala. To know that we had the chance to tell a story about a man who we all knew of as an important part of history was exciting. The movie Selma helped us to appreciate him more and also introduced him to many especially students born after 1990. As actors and ultimately artists' our responsibility is to live the characters we become. To be true to them and depict their stories accurately (especially when the story is true). We have the awesome experience of immersing ourselves in that time period, the character(s), the culture, mindset and produce truth. the performance was produced and directed by Kenneth Green, an instructor at Spelman College. It was all wonderful and even more gratifying especially when Congressman John Lewis told us that we made him proud and we took him back to his days. He told us that we almost made him cry but he didn't want to start because he wouldn't stop. We are on this journey called life using our gifts as the vehicles we choose to bring about love, truth, pride, revelation and ultimately change. The Congressman's Gala and all of the wonderful opportunities we have been apart of while matriculating were just the beginning. We can't be stopped. We won't be stopped. For our passion is to great. IMG_5235



Who are these bright young local actors and actresses and where are they going? We were all chosen to be apart of the production and what an opportune time it was. We are students from different local Colleges and Universities. Atlanta University Center (AUC) from Clark Atlanta University : Samantha Richards, Shenequa Crockett, Brianna Lewings, Kierra Fuller; Spelman College: Maya Lawrence, Bria Henderson, Joi Fletcher, Candace Dore, Rajane(e with a tilde) Brown, Vashti Powell, Kourtney McLaughlin, Allyson Brown and Laila Lenai Morehouse College: Micheal Curry and Victor Perry.and Jared Brown, an alumnus of Emerson College was also apart of the ensemble. We want to highlight and congratulate our graduating seniors: Shenequa Crockett, Allyson Brown,Kourtney McLaughlin, Bria Henderson. Vashti Powell, Maya Prentiss and Laila Lenai. They are all working towards receiving their MFA in Acting and immersing themselves in theatre. Kourtney McLaughlin has been accepted into Birmingham School of Acting in England. Bria Henderson will be training to get her MFA in Acting at the University of Washington Professional Actor Training Program in Seattle. Maya Prentiss will be attending the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign working to receive her MFA in acting. Laila Lenai will be going to London for an Advanced Acting Intensive Program after which she will be auditioning for graduate school the following year. Vashti Powell and Shenequa Crockett love theatre but also have goals that involve radio and television both of which they are working towards. Current students: Victor Perry, Micheal Curry, Kierra Curry, Samantha Richards, Brianna Lewings, Candace Dore, Maya Lawrence, Joi Fletcher, Rajanae Brown are still matriculating at our respective institutions. Working towards graduate school, internships, and everything the world has for us we continue our journey.


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