The Buckhead Skyline (Panoramic)

June 26, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

buckhead Atlanta Skyline. The Buckhead Skyline Pinnacle Building


Earlier this year a friend of ours told me she was looking for a skyline photo of buckhead. She just got promoted and moved into the Pinnacle building in Buckhead, Atlanta and she wanted a canvas print  with the building in it.


Being that there are companies out there that specialize in panoramic photos of skylines I didn't think it would be a problem. a few months later I get a message from her boyfriend saying they've been searching for ever and have found any great photos of the Buckhead skyline, much less something that showcased her building so he asked If I'd do a commissioned piece for him to surprise her with.  Being a lover of Rogue photo missions, Surprises, and Unique artwork I deemed challenge accepted. 


  It was winter and typical Georgia fashion gloomy but I had found a great location that showed off the unique character of the Pinnacle building. I knew because of the weather to get the best of it it would be best in Black and White.  I got my shot with a little sorcery and editing I created a light streak to break the clouds and to showcase the building.  Now for the print, though they had asked for a canvas, I knew this would be gorgeous on metal print and would display beautifully, so I made the executive decision to have it printed on metal.   today, I get this photo in my inbox with an exstatic Thank you!!!!!



so after months of having to bite my tongue about the project, I can finally share it! 


Mission Completed!


If you're looking for an epic unique photo Gift I'd be happy to help.




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