PSA why you should print your photos....

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This Public Service Announcement is stemmed from a phone call I got from a Bride.....


2 years ago I photographed this Beautiful wedding, yesterday I sent them a quick message just congratulating them on their 2 year anniversary. not 3 minutes went by when I get a phone call with her sobbing, saying that they had lost the thumb-drive with their wedding photos, and if there was any way I can get them at least a few of their favorite ones.


I had changed our delivery method last year when I was running into space issues with Dropbox. now My web server allows me unlimited web space, so since changing the website All photos are hosted online.  Fortunately, (after 2 weeks of searching) I was able to find this brides photos in an archived drive.  but the whole time I was thinking what if my house had burned down or something of that sort. She would not have 1 photo of her wedding!


Think about it. computers have only been around for less then 30 years, in those 30 years, memory has changed at least a dozen times, from floppy disks, to tapes, to hard drives, thumb drives. etc.  and even if you did keep your photos on a floppy disk,  when was the last time you saw a floppy disk drive? even the memory cards from cameras have gone through a lot of different forms. and this is just in the last 10 years since Digital cameras came about.... get my drift?  In  this day in age, Computers and digital is an easy way to transfer, share and store photos, but nothing compares to seeing it in print.


Needless to say, get your photos Printed, at least your favorites!!!! I know I know a lot of photography studios and companies have a super premiums on prints, I can tell you from experience it's worth it.


Our prints prices are determined by our print lab, I don't make 1 single penny on prints from my website,  but I do have that option because I personally have lost photos on digital media, and do print out my favorites.  you can click on any gallery and see how much prints cost.  and If you haven't printed out photos in a while send one to cvs, walmart, or any of your local photo labs and see how much better it is to see it on print vs on a screen.

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